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December 29, 2005



As you told me when I was obsessing about my blog title, you should get all the feedback you want but in the end, only you will know what feels right. Just steel yourself to the fact that most people hate change so it will seem jarring at first.

That said, I think "In and Out of Confidence" is a great name, but you've also explained how Tamarika is pregnant with meaning for you. The editor in me can't resist saying that I like "Tamarika" alone, pure and simple, rather than "The Tamarika Blog." But I will adapt quickly to whatever you choose!


First, congratulations on your blog-anniversary! And second, I don't care what you call it, I'll follow you whereva'.

I like In and Out of Confidence because it has a variety of interesting meanings to me. That said, Tamarika Blog is fine, too, so just do what you want to do.

As for "what on earth is my blog about for goodness sakes?" I ask myself this question all the time about my own blog. But you know what? In the end, it's about me (or you, in your case) and I'm not much of a single-minded person. I just post about whatever's flying through my head on any given day, at any given moment. (And it shows, I know.)

Many blogs have a one thematic purpose - sharing recipes, supporting new mothers, promoting an author's work - but mine is all over the place. It's a form of release - letting me use a new medium to throw things out into the ozone then move on.

I don't do it to become the world's most famous blog. That other people stop by and read it occasionally is a very nice side-effect, but I really couldn't care less about building my blog traffic. It's mainly a way for me to organize my thoughts and save things I want to remember. I suspect your blog is the same for you.

So call it whatever you want, Tamar. Just make sure you let me know where you are, because I want to tag along, too.

Joy Des Jardins

Well, I'm very new to your blog Tamar, so I'm just getting used to "In and Out of Confidence"...
and I like it. If you are going to change it, I like "Tamarika" by itself too. Cool and catchy.


Some foolish adult asked the child what she was drawing, and she answered, quite rightly I think, "I don't know until it's finished."

Richard Lawrence Cohen

I agree with all these comments! I agree that "Tamarika" would be better than "The Tamarika Blog" -- it's a striking name all by itself. I agree that "In and out of Confidence" has rich multiple meanings. And I agree with MaryB and Savtadotty that your blog is an organically growing thing that can only be defined day by day, by what you put in it. So this comment of mine has no purpose of its own...


I am also for Tamarika - it is lovely. In fact while I was in Israel last summer (and didn't have you in my favorites as I do here)I just googled "tamarika" whenever I wanted to catch up on your blog and it took me straight here!


Thanks so much dear readers. You have given me so much food for thought.
Joy Des Jardins, I'm thrilled that you join in even though you're, happily, "very new" to my blog! Thank you.
MaryB, am moved that you will "tag along" whatever I'm called!
Savtadotty, I will use what you wrote in my presentations and lectures. Beautiful! Thank you.
Fay, am always SO excited to hear from you from way oh way down under!
Danny, am always overjoyed at any editorial suggestions you might have! You always steer me well.
Richard, how on earth could you think your comment has no purpose. No really!

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