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January 31, 2006



Your affectionate observation of her is so sweet and lovely. Gosh, cats are mostly not easy, are they? Emma only started coming and cuddling up in my lap when she was old (12 or 13), so Ada may still get around to this. Actually, there are downsides to being sat on constantly irrespective of whether one is busy, already too hot, trying to get to sleep... :-)


It has taken Ada years to dare to sit on me the way she does lately. She is amazing. Sitting up right and alert and looking into my eyes from time to time as she allows me to stroke her. She reminds me so much of myself ... always on guard ... just in case ... and yet, at the same time, longing for the closeness.

Gemma Grace

Tamar~ I've been 'away' for six weeks or so and I've just spent the last hour catching up at "Tamarika". My heart is full of gratitude and joy. Thank you for gracing my life with your wisdom and insight. And... I absolutely love the picture of you when you were little. Precious!


Ada is fortunate to have such a patient and loving caretaker. We have four snugglers-of-varying-degrees, sometimes all wanting attention at the same time. When I stretch my legs out on the sofa, I can accomodate two at a time.


Hey Gemma - good to hear from you again. I was wondering where you were.

Heidi, I would love to have four - or even six! T. has agreed to the two we have right now and makes funny faces when I mention more ...


Tamar, this lovely post got me thinking and blogging about my relationship with my furry friend - and thank you for your kind words in response to that. A beautiful tribute, and your final paragraph is very touching.


Tell Ada that I also love her, forever:)

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