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June 10, 2006


Frank Paynter

This was moving and informative. Thanks.


Thank you, Frank!


I have a feeling your father heard you ....


I'm so glad for you that you were able to do this, Tamar, painful as it must have been.

So many untold stories of previous generations. So much about the modern world appalls me, but that we seem to be learning to talk about ourselves with less shame and fear, to tell our own stories, as our parents and grandparents often did not - that seems a great good.


Ah, Mary, from your lips to ...

Jean, I think that it is so important to tell our stories. Not only does it heal us, but on a larger more global scale, it's from many personal stories that we learn about history too.

Am reminded of the hundreds of testamonies from survivors of horrific events. Imagine if we had blocked people from speaking or invalidated their experience?


Such a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing this deeply moving pilgrimage with us, Tamarika.


i bet you are related to my cousins the children of david and mary(cohen) ny...both of them were born in rhodes and came here in the early 20th century...surving children are all in their 80's...


Thank you for this information. I will e-mail you about this.


dear tamar,
you are lucky to trace your roots. i have that feeling too. how i wish to trace mine. coz of my incapabilities i cant do it. am partially handicapped just living with my insurance allowance. am still young at 37 how i wish to do something for humanity and for my family roots.
am hoping and praying so hard that GOD will show me where and how to start it.maybe you guide me too.

shabbat shalom


You have the wonderful Diaspora Museum in Israel.

Start there!

I didn't do that much, actually. I visited Rhodes and then wrote about it on my Blog.

Thanks for your comment on my site.
I wish you well.

David Israel

Interesting because I am Israel on both sides and part of the family went in the early 1900's to the Belguim congo and then on to Rhodesia and South Africa. So maybe we are related, some people think there is more than one Israel familly but I don't know, the census from the 1800's list only one family.


Thanks so much for your comment on my blog.

What other information do you have about your family?

How interesting. We might very well be cousins!

Jacquie Israel

Hi Tamar,
I'm sure I met you in Cape Town and later in Israel many years ago. I recognize the photos you have of Rabbi Israel which appear to be identical to those my late father Hasday Israel had, including the original silver handle of the walking stick featured in the picture. I also recall coming across correspondence between you(?) and my father after he died. Anyway, my brother Andre and I have been discussing the fact that we must add the latest information to the family tree in and will have to get around to it. Sincerely, Jacqueline Israel, Sydney, Australia.


Hello there Jacquie! How wonderful to find you here. Yes indeed. We have met. In fact, if my memory serves, you taught me about how long "pepper" hangs out in one's body!
Thanks so much for your comment. Am so sad to hear about Hasday, but grateful to know. I will write you a private email.
Best wishes.

Kymberly Ross Israel

I came across your blog as i was trying to gather information for my daughter to do an ancestry report on the island of Rhodes. My husband's family is also ISRAEL. His grandfather Eli Israel grew up on Rhodes and left in the mid 1930's as a young man and settled in los angeles. We are also directly related to the Scapa and Hazan families and many of us live in Los Angeles.
I wonder if you are related to my husband's family.


Hello Kimberly,
I will be in touch via email soon about this and I will give you the name of a cousin who has a lot of information about our huge family. Who knows, we might be related! :-)

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