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December 04, 2006



Best blog entry ever. I'm bathing in the joy and smiles it brought...and laughing at how much I can't relate, but can. You see, I am an owl- or must have been- as I adore the quiet darkness of night and burst with creativity, emotion and music when it comes. The heavy stillness holds open a door, as if time will not move until I am sill, comfortable and full. Yes, I must have been an owl. Not that I believe in such things...


Anya, I cherish your comment. Yes, you are/were deinitely an owl (not that we believe in such things) ... but mainly for your poetic wisdom.
And hugs from way over here to way over there.


Great post, Tamarika.

In a former life I was a grump, and that is how I wake up each morning. Don't want any conversation, interaction, noise, excitement. Just leave me to my own demented devices and coffee, lots of coffee. I'll catch up with you by mid morning.


When we establish our 'prime of life' commune, I will be there to join you in your early morning noise, contemplation and tears.


Yeah, Cheryl. I can't wait! Am thinking of yu as we speak.


Dear Tamarika,

Happy New Year!

I am running a blog on being a morning person in "The Land of the Morning Calm", which is South Korea.

There was a bestseller in Korea and Japan called "Morning Person" written by a Japanese medical doctor. That work inspired my blog.

I have linked your site to mine, and I intend to visit often.


Thanks for linking to my blog, and for the visit. How interesting. A blog devoted to being a "Morning Person." I shall have to visit you too. Good morning!

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