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March 21, 2007



Lovely. Yes! I'm not always sure that resilience has to do with attitude, though. What constantly amazes me is my resilience no matter what. No matter the mistakes, no matter the despair, no matter the self-indulgence, no matter the regrets... here we are again, day after day, starting again. This is the miracle.


Time of day matters as do ... amount of sleep night(s) before, physical health, financial health, friends' and family members' health, environment (social, political, etc.), diet, connection to self and others, personal and ethnic/religious/national/etc. security, and lots more. I think it often takes more than I admit is necessary to be strong and resilient, and to prevail.


Resilience as miraculous! I love it!

And what about it having something to do with one's genes? ... "jeans?" : )

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