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March 05, 2007



That's a good story! I'll stick to it too. Do you remember that old song: "Get your sneakers and slacks, relaxez-vous?"

What a way to get "cured!" Sunbathing at the Dead Sea. What a story! I can't wait to read it. Physical AND mental cure!


My, my, Tamar. Sounds as if you're having anxiety attacks. I do not have a magic pill or suggestion for that, but just wondered if you share these feelings, or even the blogs themselves, with your therapist.

With all that you tell us you do, I do not consider any of that wasting time. But even if some of it is, so what. You have been through a lot, endured much, and worked hard to earn your "position" in life. So have I. We deserve and we have earned the right to waste time, relax, enjoy, do nothing, if we wish. No guilt. No regrets. No worries.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...


I got "cured" of the whole Never Done syndrome when I had to spend six weeks at the Dead Sea sunbathing to treat my psoriasis. You've inspired me to blog about it myself. Thanks, Tamar.


Hi there Jean and Danny,
I know. It's amazing how insidious even the expression "wasted time," is and what it stands for. When I am enjoying myself, or experiencing pleasure I sometimes check it with, "Is this wasted time?" (which includes blogging naturally, because I get so much pleasure from writing in the blog and reading other bloggers).

This weekend I identified all the ways I tend to "beat myself up" and this is certainly one of them. Perhaps as I work towards shedding the shame, I'll rid myself of this awful guilt about "wasting time" as well.

How lovely to hear from you both this morning. You've made my week already!


I'm with Jean. I'm starting to feel that our constant obsession with DOING something that we judge as important as opposed to just BEING and following our natural instincts is at the root of all our dysfunction. Even hearing you jokingly suggest that your blogging has been a "waste of time" makes me wince.

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