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September 09, 2008



congratulations tamar!! i'm so happy for you :)


amanda? Is that You? Thanks so much ...


Mazel tov!! That is so exciting, I can't wait to get a copy. This is an important unique addition to the best of professional development resources and will do so much good. Wish I could be there to toast you in person.


Mazaltov Tam, how brilliant, Bravo - I'm waiting for a copy, too - col hacavod - Sue


Congratulations Tamar, well done. You look joyous in the photo.


TAMAR! Mazeltov! I'm very happy for you and I can't believe there is such an AUTHOR in the family! And she plays scrabble too!

My hope is that one day Barry will invite you to the White House.


Many, many congratulations!

I've ordered my copy, but it won't arrive for a few weeks to the UK, I think.

Dean Landsman

Please be officially advised that your readership is kvelling. Oy, the nachas!

I would say that today you are a fountain pen, but that would be mixing metaphors. And that would only be relevant for the 13th book.


Dear friends and family,
Thanks for all these supportive and friendly comments! I am smiling from ear-to-ear constantly, knowing that my blogging community is out there cheering me on! Thank you, thank you. Deep, humble bow!

David H.

Having worked closely with Tamar on her book, we at Redleaf Press are thrilled to have Don't Get So Upset in our catalog. Tamar was a joy to work with.

As Editor-in-Chief, I can only say I look forward to the next book we do with Tamar—and there is one in the works!


What a surprise! I am so grateful, and honored, to see you right here on my blog. Hurrah! Thanks for this comment. Am looking forward to continuing working with each and everyone at Redleaf!


Congratulations Tamar...I'm thrilled for you....and all your hard work. Cheers!


Mazel tov!


Dear Joy and Neil,
Thank you so much for your good wishes!


Hooray! Congratulations on the book!


Thanks, Frank!



Good job!

Love, Janna


Dear Janna,
How wonderful to see your name again - especially here on my blog!

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