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August 17, 2011



Dear Melissa,
Welcome to my blog! I hope my book is useful for improving your relationships with young children ...


Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts and feelings about this post. It helps to know I am not alone in this :-)

Melissa Pasos

Ive been reading your book Dont Get So Upset after a dear professor recommended. This revelation is equally amazing!! I think so many people will relate to this! Women especially will often go into this feeling of wondering why I am the problem of something & how can it be fixed. Only to have somethign go completely wrong in the fixing part and then I really end up being to blame. Ugg,what a mess then?!?! I love how you put this into words.


I think there is something very important here. When we can recognise that there is nothing we can do, then we try and learn to let go and as this happens we let go and instead let God.


Hallo Tamar, this is wonderful, it's a poem, and one i so recognise; it's the being still and feeling helpless that i find so hard to do, doing probably gives me the illusion of being in control...i think you have put it so well, thank u for that...

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