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September 09, 2012



Your words and quotes presented here so clearly state what voters need to consider when voting in our present Presidential election.

I especially appreciate reading the views and perspective of those not automatically born into U.S. citizenship such as you and French-born Vagbonde who has also made some excellent observations.

I continue to enjoy visiting here periodically as I have since I began blogging six years ago. (FWIW I had extra training initially planning to work with children who had severe language disorders, but circumstances took me in a different direction, so I'm doubly interested in your professional efforts -- not to mention your son's jazz music, a genre of special significance to me which I feature on my blog occasionally -- new artists and older ones.)


Thank you for visiting here, and am especially touched and pleased that you took an interest in my son's music! I will get to your blog soon. Although I do stop by from time to time. Not as often as I used to but now and again.

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