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January 02, 2013



Thanks for your comment, gina@RodenCareHome.
Helpful thoughts to calm a parent's jagged nerves, to be sure.

Gina@Roden Care Home Telford

Our 2 cats were exactly the same when we got them. We thought they were both boys for the first few weeks until the vet informed us that the little scared one was a girl! Every family has their dynamic, I'm sure they'll grow up just fine.


Yes, Jean, I think you are right! (and by the way, it is terrific to see you here!!!)

Love conquers all. We watch over Oscar in case Mimi becomes a bit rough, but I will have to learn not to worry when I am not at home ...

Of course, all this makes me miss my old lady Ada cat all the more ...


Fascinating! My first thought (as a complete non-expert except to the degree that one's own childhood experience makes everyone a bit of an expert) is that both just need lots of love and reinforcement for being who they are, so that perhaps they won't in time have to express this in quite so extreme and needy a fashion (except if Mimi is physically injuring or really terrorising Oscar, of course). Interesting that the stereotypical gender dynamic is also reversed, which may also make both their behaviours seem more extreme.

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