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October 21, 2016



I am humbled by your comments, Nelle and Cheryl, and appreciate them more than you can know. Thank you so much.

Cheryl Albers

Your early pain and your persistence in working through what it means for you as an adult, has lead to thousands of other children being spared such an experience. Yes, I mean thousands. If you add up all of the teachers you have influences over your career with your writing, your presentations and your daily hands on work, and then expand that out to the numbers of children they work with, you will see that I am right. You have not turned either you pain or your personal healing only inward, but have extended it to benefit others. What an amazing inspiration you are.

Nelle Jacobson

You have transformed your painful childhood into a career validating children’s emotions. I say this with wonder and admiration—not as an excuse, justification or explanation. Hugs

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