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July 15, 2017



Stan - your comment means more to me than you can imagine. Thank you.

Marion - I don't recall any story with "Rosenthal" in it. But that is a famous porcelain brand, so I am sure you have heard it before in other contexts in your life. Thanks, as always, for your loving support, dear friend xxx's


I understand things a lot better now. I wouldn't have believed it then. Kol hakavod on your ability to share it. S.


Isn't there some other "connection" to the name " Rosenthal" in your past? I'm sure you told me something about Beryl, your past, with that name in it. Not the figurine either!

So this is all stuff you couldn't unpack until Beryl died isn't it?

My heart goes out to's such hard work you are doing.

(This note is just for you.)


Dear Thandie,
Am so happy to see you here. Your comment means very much to me. Much love for you xxx's


Really beautiful Tamar. I'm still silently crying while I write this. I'm crying for you and me and all of us.
thanksyohbfir sharing

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