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January 29, 2005



I am so jealous of the Gottlieb family for having so many bloggers. How cool! I wish I could persuade my family members to do that!

And I couldn't disagree more strongly with some of the statements in that New York times op-ed piece, particularly the ones about how the reactions of Jews to Prince Harry's Nazi costume a few weeks ago were so "egregious" and how they "squandered a diminishing supply of hard-won moral capital." I don't see how this is what happened by rightfully pointing out the prince's cluelessness and need to better educate himself on the emotions that are stirred up among thinking people all over the planet (not just Jews) when they see a member of the British Royal Family wearing a swastika armband. I never felt Harry was exposing any kind of pro-Nazi viewpoint, I think it was just stupidity that should be addressed, especially because of his public position and some of the questionable actions of his family members before and during the war. I wouldn't pillory the poor prince any further, but it does provide a good jumping off point for discussing the absolute necessity of educating young people and making them more aware of events in recent history.


The point that interested me the most from the article was the fact that Israel is no longer seen as a victim but as one of the strong, super powers in terms of its military strength. What the Op-Ed piece fails to point out is that Israel became that way because it was "born" OUT of the Holocaust.

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