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January 27, 2005



Dear dear forgetful and creative Tamar,

"A friend found in boxes" is from you!!!! I loved it when I first saw it, but I seached all the emails from you, and couldn't find it. Suddenly I realized that it's in the comments to the very first blog. I tried to find it to show you, but failed. Could you please check it?

Also, I don't think we ever took pictures together before.

Tamar, we two are amazingly world-class forgetful!



Ah, Nian - the first blog entry was lost when I had some technical hitches a week or so ago. That's funny. I don't remember using that expression until I saw it in your e-mail to me! I think you might have had a camera when we met for lunch a few weeks ago but perhaps we did not take any pictures, eh? Oh well!

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