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February 08, 2005



O, Tamar, dare we hope...?

It's a great moment to be sure. We have to be ready for anything, though...


I always dare to hope!

I once knew a different David, from Argentina, who said that whenever I reached a dead-end, somehow I always found a way out! That image has stayed with me.

It is so comforting having people "daring to hope" together with me. Thank you so much.


I'm sad to realize that I had a very cynical reaction when I read this yesterday. So much so that it barely registered. On the other hand, I was out of my head with joy and excitement watching the events at Camp David so many years ago. What has happened to make me so deadened to this process? I need to KEEP HOPE ALIVE!


Did you read the joke At David's blog today? (I loved it!)

That's probably why it is hard to keep hope alive!

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