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February 24, 2005



I very much enjoyed your thoughts here. I especially enjoyed your insights about the need for a means to explain the mysteries of life, whether it be benign or cruel, whether we be children or adults. Very true. By the way, this is "amba" and "True Ancestor"'s nephew writing... Thank you for your comments on my blog, and I look forward to reading more of yours.


Hey, Matt! Welcome. I have added you to my "Newly acquired blog interests." I am enjoying reading you too. You are one of those rare teachers who care deeply about children. I appreciate that more than you can imagine.

Michal you are making perfect sense. After all, this piece is just my opinion. And you have yours. I hope you slept well in the end.


I do this too, put people on pedestals in my mind. Usually professors. The disillusionment comes when I see them drunk, which is bound to happen if you spend any amount of time chatting them up to get course advice or letters of recommendation. But they're just people too and maybe I should just get rid of that pedestal.


It used to be so shocking for me to find out that my heros were "just human." On the other hand, lately, it makes me feel more equal when I know that we are all just human together.

Recently I am interviewing for a faculty position at a number of different colleges. It has been intimidating and frightening for me, to say the least. Especially since I seem to put people in academia up so much higher than me. I have a colleague who reminded me that most faculty are just like me. They too have come from regular working class families where most of them are the first ones to go work in college settings. So much of what academics do is a bunch of posturing and pretending to hide where they come from. In fact, so many of us come from similar backgrounds.

Knowing that has helped me feel on an equal footing and sometimes I feel a glimmer of, "Hmm they are lucky to have me!" Not often - but sometimes.

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