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February 23, 2005


Ronni Bennett

What a great kids' game and excellent analogy to blogging.

The friends we make on the internet (in varieties of ways) are, I believe, a new kind of friendship. Amazing intimacies are sometimes exchanged as email friendships develop and we can come to know each other as well as some "in person" friends.

Meeting face-to-face is a fraught proposition sometimes. I met one online friend and although we had a lovely time over a meal, our online contact has fallen off (from both ends) and something has been lost, though I'm hard pressed to figure out what changed.

Other times, it has solidified and deepened what started as online exchanges.

It's a new phenomenon that I'm sure sociologists, if they haven't begun yet, will have much to say about.


Tamar: One of the great things about blogs is the people you discover -- and rediscover!, as Ronni points out. Some of the richest relationships could be those that were born in person, and revived via the Internet.

Any chance you could look her up online?


I really am intrigued about this blogging phenomenon. Lately I have been thinking that I would love to change careers and join the sociologists in exploring it more in-depth. Just as you are doing about getting older.

David, good idea but nope - she doesn't show up!


Your English is fine. Your comments brought tears to my eyes about how our childhoods affect us, our resilience, and we survive with strength and courage - as you have done. It is interesting for me to hear how you see your mom and her sisters, your aunts. Of course, I cannot imagine you being 40 but there you are! Am so glad you are on board, bearing witness and sharing too.


Tamar, you were right again. Your post about the little girls game is indeed a close parallel, a corollary, of blogging and my post on the subject. Thank you so much for the link, and more importantly, for your continuing inspiration.


Winston, am so glad it connected!

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