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February 22, 2005


dan ramirez

What a nice way to approachg the day. I have a friend in Chicago who helped me through some very trying times. Times when even at the age of 60, for that was when it began, I wasn't able to draw on all the gifts that I was given from the past. But there was one thing he told me that has continued to play a major part in my recovery since then and the thoughts you shared today remmind me again. He said, "Dan, you have had one hell of an appetite throughout your life!.. But remember this,'you can't eat tomorrows lunch today!" The wonderful pace of your writing took me back to that moment just now. Thanks again for the journey.

As to Richard's book cover.................well?

dan ramirez

Tamar, I failed to mention that my comment was also directed toward "Lets see how I feel tomorrow." probably figured that out.


The cover looks similar to the work you are doing although not as contrasted.

I am sorry to hear that you have had some hard times even though I know how these things can sometimes strengthen us in ways we aren't always aware of. It sounds like you had/have a really good friend to support you through it. I hope things are better for you now? Although through your poetry and art you sound like you are thriving!

dan ramirez

Thanks for the thoughts Tamar. Yes, my art has kept me alive; in ways that I will always be greatful to my higher power for. And for all the other things I've been given. Like what's been transpiring on the blogs over the last few days! Oh yes, life is good! Thanks again.



I always remember a line my friend's ex-boyfriend wrote to her on her birthday: age, to beautiful women, is like the feather on the wings of an angel, soft, white, pure, but never heavy; it adds up the beauty...

That is also what I got from this article of yours.

Age gracefully!


Nian, you are kind to me. That's because you have seen the "graceful" side of me. Smiles.

El, I think I am starting to feel the rumblings, beginnings of the in-tune state. How's about you? Are you in-tune? After all, you are one of my role models you know. I need to know how you are doing? Hugs.


I'll drink to that too. Your writing makes me feel young and full of hope, Tamar. I have not yet experienced the rumblings of the in-tune state but I'm waiting.


Ah Nappy40 - I am thrilled that you feel young and full of hope from my writings. That has made my day!

The rumblings will come for you too. I am so sure of that. You have the courage to connect the within with the without and you share it so willingly with all of us.

Thank you so much.

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