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February 19, 2005


dan ramirez

Gosh Tamar, you have a mesmerizing pace to your "voice." I can actually feel what I percieve as a cat (?) hoping up into my lap. And it is so warming! It reminded me of an image I gleaned from one of Doestevsky's novels. I could taste it and smell it. Thanks. You continue to take me on a journey.


Thank you for this feedback.

Was trying something new and wasn't sure how it "felt."

By the way - you are taking me on a journey too.


Very nice, Tamar. Nice turn in the middle, using that white space to build emotion.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Very good! I interpreted the "she" as a daughter, not a cat, by the way. In any event, you get an admirable amount of material into this short space: a two-generation chronicle in two paragraphs! And you very effectively evoke the feeling of shared unspoken empathy, a mother-daughter bond that is strengthened by their understanding of the negative emotions that have in common.


I think I'll keep you wondering about the cat/daughter/mother/inner child ...

Am excited by this.

As Dan said, "Lots of fused out noise and then focus."

Thank you all for the support!

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