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February 10, 2005



How wonderful and so lucky to have such a grand friend.


Hey Michali!
Wow! You sure are reading my weblog! It is always a good feeling knowing someone is out there reading my writings.

Hugs and kisses, sweetie!


How about posting a picture of Jan in your Friends photo album?

Did you "do" Valentine's Day growing up in Rhodesia? I can't remember if other countries get involved in that whole Valentine's card mishegoss (which often led to hurt feelings). I know some Jews here avoid it since it is a saint's day, after all! For the first time since she started school Leah told me today that she is not interested and will not be making cards for her classmates. Good idea...


Am working on acquiring a picture of Jan for my album!

I do not remember Valentine's Day when I was growing up in Rhodesia or in Israel. I have found that it can be quite sad for some people who are without a loved one on that day. Many years ago the single staff at my Center and I would go out for a beer and wings at the famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo to celebrate Valentine's Day and get over the depression about it.

Will you buy Kendall some roses?

The last time Tom sent me roses to work was some years ago. The guy delivering them had a heart attack and am accident. Someone else brought them to me a day late! We took that as a sign!

Jan Delacourt

tam, we are getting older! I swear I didn't abandon YOU in Bulawayo but you left me, hopping off to Israel to start that whole new life, and my first non-Australian visit was to you in Netanya at Sue's where Sheva and Michali were tiny tots and I ate yoghurt for the first time in my life (1968. I arrived there with Beryl and Josh, thereby hangs many a tale!)
Thankyou for the 'beautiful, clever' bit - as usual I can't remember the third word, being too embarrassed to listen to compliments, which obviously can't be true! I didn't FEEL all those things, but I do remember insisting that all the young men I met on holiday should send Valentine cards for my 16th birthday (I'm always behind you, in age, now in degrees, certainly in boldness, which is one of the many reasons I love you!) So now I will bask in the memory of having been beautiful and clever for you, and so I will be! And on my birthday I am teaching all day and maybe going out to eat with 'mio amore Giuseppe' so if you don't catch me, don't worry, because at least we have a blog to blog it all. I have just finished reading 'Not in our name' (by David Potorti in Italian) The book was sold to me by a Senegalese who lives in Milan and comes from a group of Muslims whose aim is to educate the Italians, mostly with African literature. Isn't that in itself a sign of great hope?? HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you all!!


Dearest Jan - how good to hear from you, dear friend! Now then - by now, everyone wants to see a picture of you...!

I will be calling nevertheless. I love the sound of your voice!

Michal, what a lovely story about Moses and the shoes! It answers Danny's posting about religion and Valentine's Day, for Moses is, indeed Muslim.


Michal, I see that some of my postings are bringing up memories for you too. Thanks for sharing them with me/us.

Am touched that you are "falling in love" with my blog. Do you think Valentine's Day is rubbing off on you?


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