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March 11, 2005



I think we all (almost all) can recognize ourselves in the quotations about comments. And yes we need to feel confirmed and if we don't get answers to our questions we might feel our questions are stupid.

Adriana Bliss

I check for comments, I want to know that someone thought about something I wrote. When the comment is particularly nice, I imagine myself a cat and purr. I've adjusted though to not getting comments - I've been posting on the internet for a long time (message boards, critiquing websites) and know that if nobody commented, it was because my piece was so good, so brilliant, the people were jealous. ;) When I was a little girl, whenever I cried on my mother's shoulder that someone said something mean to me, or didn't want to play with me, she would tell me they were just jealous. I always laugh when I think of her advice, when I hear her telling me that. So...I look at lack of comments as a moment with my mom because when there's silence, there IS always a twinge of...gasp...they don't like me!

Adriana Bliss

And a note...this was a great post to wake up to, Tamar!


Adriana, sometimes the post was so great there is nothing else to add. I read several blogs and a lot of the time the posts are like short stories or small pieces of someone's life. The writing is excellent; I won't leave a comment but I will check back the next day.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

I love comments, and I know in advance that some of the things I post won't get as many comments as others. In general, my fiction and poems get fewer comments than my topical pieces -- and the "creative" stuff is what I care most about. But that's fine. I know there's less to say about it.

Actually, Tamar, I just wanted to leave you a comment...

Richard Lawrence Cohen

PS: Adriana, I tried to post a comment on your blog too but as you say, blogger's giving trouble today. (It gave me a lot of trouble last night and this morning.)

I liked your post about your four-year-old. It reminded me of when mine were that age. Treasure her, as I'm sure you do!

Richard Lawrence Cohen

And Nappy40, I just tried to place a comment on your blog and blogger pulled the same stuff on me. I had a really substantive comment about that organization you mentioned, too. I have a little experience with them, as a concerned parent, and I am in no way ambivalent about them.


One of the reasons for writing this post came as I tried to leave comments on a few of the "blogspot" bloggers I read this morning and found it wasn't working. For example, I, too, loved the piece about Adriana's four year old very much, and I wanted to reply to Nappy 40's piece called "Danny" where she talks about leaving a comment.

Richard, how interesting that we comment less on your creative pieces! I wonder why that happens. More food for thought for me ...

I had been thinking about bloggers and comments for some time now. Why some allow them and some don't. Whether their purpose is for support and encouragement or critique. With the politico-bloggers I have fun reading how serious and important everyone becomes as they share their opinions.

Hmmm ... I wonder ... did I write this post so that people might leave comments?


Yes, Tamar, and it was a good idea! I also crave comments and then spend a lot of time wondering about the pathology of that. It makes me nuts if I am blocked from leaving comments (I also tried to leave one on Nappy40's site this morning) and I can't even comprehend people who don't allow comments on their blogs. That strikes me as just plain rude ("Here's what I have to say and I don't give a damn what you think."). A few months ago I never dreamed I'd be adding the topic of "comments on my blog" to my palette of neuroses! Ah, the wonders of new technology...


I'm not quite so concerned that people are reading my posts, although they have to in order to comment. What I really Iike is the fact that I have connections, even if they are only brief, with people of all ages and from all over the world. Nice post Tamar.

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