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March 10, 2005



I am contemplating buying some Marmite today (I know a store near me that sells it) after reading your post just to give it a try. Is it very different from Vegemite—I have some Australian friends who swear by that! Amazing the emotional power certain foods can have.


Take heed, Danny! Not everyone likes Marmite. I have never eaten Vegemite so I can't help you out here. Check out the Marmite link in this posting. It will tell you how some love it and some - well, what can I say? - hate it! Good luck and keep us posted!


I really enjoyed what you said about both food and music. It is amazing how they both can connect to some deep, interior part of ourselves, awakening all sorts of old memories, connecting and re-connecting us to all sorts of things. I've never had Marmite, although I am a big Norah Jones fan!


Can definitely relate to what you say about music. I also play certain songs over and over again for comfort, when I can't sleep, etc. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who does that, all this time I thought I was just wierd. :-D


Oh Alicia - you are so not weird by my standards! I have used music for comfort all my life. I sang lullabies to my son for years as he was growing up - almost every single night before he went to sleep. Now he is 31 and a jazz pianist. He plays a beautiful rendition of one of the Zulu lullabies I used to sing to him. Each time I hear him do that tears rise in me!

I was over by you today and so loved your piece, "Mirror Mirror." It seems that "blogspot" is having some difficulties and not allowing access to making comments! Too bad - I am doing it here!


Thanks Tamar...I wonder what's up with blogger? I got a comment 3 days ago that didn't show up until last night! Grrr....I just read your new post on comments, too LOL. I love comments too! If I don't get them I always feel a little insecure. :-P


Marmite is best spread thinly as it has a very strong taste. I grew up eating toast and marmite and it's part of my own children's life as well. It's lovely stuff, although perhaps a bit of an acquired taste.


This just in - an e-mail from a friend!

"Marmite and Matzo Mahvellous Mates - Simply Made For Each Other; Like Django and Stephan, George and Ira, New York and New York, Susan and Tim, Bubba and Hill, Condolezza and Dubya, Buffalo and Bulwayo!!"


Tamar, I love the Nightingale poem, but no matter how I tried, I could never like Marmite!!! ;)

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