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March 23, 2005



Tamar, I'll tell you... if I was having a chai latte by the Thames at sun set?... I might not have posted at all! Have fun!


That sounds nice...I'm with AlwaysQuestion, if I were you I'd have forgotten all about my blog. Have fun and hope to see lots of posts about your trip when you get back.


It's interesting that we can drink the same Chai Latte in America, Britain, China or Taiwan. On one hand, people can argue the evilness of multinational corporatioins and imperialism. On the other hand...hey, take it easy! I love Starbuck's Chai Latte and it's really good to be able to sip it everywhere...Am I cultivated?

BTW, Tamar, I miss you!


How strange to be away and thinking about the blog ... but I do.


Maybe a cliche, but it doesn't matter how far we travel, we don't travel away from ourselves. As a matter of fact I thnk a lot of my daily ordinary life when I'm away somewhere.

Sounds lovely what you're describing though!

Adriana Bliss

I'm going to be 41 on April 9 and every so often I bemoan the concept of "getting older." But when I read descriptions like this one - as simple as it is - I say, "Bring it on!" While it's wonderful to have the pitter patter of little feet, the idea of being able to world-hop and sit quietly to enjoy a sunset is quite the reward for moving ahead in age.

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