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March 16, 2005



Wow, I had no idea your hair was that dark. I also didn't realize the extent of your involvement with yoga. The things you learn about people from their blogs!

(Who's that in the picture of Gilad—that's not you, is it? Could Gilad be more cute in that photo??)


Yes - very deeply involved with Yoga, Danny. The person with Gilad is me. I was 26.

Adriana Bliss

Tamar, the pictures you've been putting in your blog posts lately are wonderful. I'm always amazed at the power of photographs, in particular, photos of people, family, etc. I believe that when one is moved or affected in some way by merely looking at particular pictures of relative strangers, what is happening is evidence of the connection between human beings and the divine. We "see" one another in photographs. We communicate so powerfully by merely presenting a facial expression or a moment between loved ones. The old saying that our eyes are the windows to the soul is so true.

Anyway...just rambling. :)


Adriana, it has been fun working with our scanner and being able to share some of these photos. Thanks for enjoying them with me! Yes indeed I think eyes are windows to our inner core. And, by the way, I love the way you "ramble" about human connections - here and, especially, at your site.


It must have been great to study with such a spiritual man. Only one of my teachers spends any time on the wider aspects of yoga, which is a shame because I find it interesting. Mostly we are taught how to do the asanas properly.


The spiritual component is very interesting. I love the Asanas and breathing exercises, though. I find that, somehow, flexibility of body affects the mind too.

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