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April 17, 2005


Elaine of Kalilily

Well, I'm inclined to assume that whatever energy it is that animates us gets put back into the cosmic melting pot (when we're done with it) to get stirred up with all the other energies that get mixed together and recycled. So, each of us living things has some of the energies-that-animate of other living things that existed before us. You, know, "goo goo ga joob" and all that.


Elaine, that sounds so cool and cosmic. So I might still have some of that "stuff" of those little green tree frogs in me? I love those creatures.


I myself want to become a stone next time. No love, no hate, no laugh, no tears. Born in peace, dead in loneliness.


Leanne, I'll be home soon. Am looking forward to seeing your shining face at the airport. A stone has no shining face ... wait for me.

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