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April 17, 2005



You may deny it. But you are strong, Tamar.


Leanne, strong and fragile are not the words to describe our Tamar. She is a drama queen in the real life, who laughts at what she appreciates with tears, who also cries and morns heartily but knows when to stop, and stop it by entertaining others and hence herself.

I was worried about what we're about to talk today when I read this before she came to pick me up. She missed her dear old friend, and she's visiting another withering friend. Shall we talk about death and life today?

You may not believe it: we had as much fun as we had the last time when we four were unpacking. She told me jokes and stories; we laughed and joyfully recalled her old friend and everything...

Our "date" turns out to be a full one: we'll go out for a movie tonight. :)) Jealous?


Ah my dears, Leanne and Nian! How you both give me so much joy. I am so grateful for each of you. No jealousy required here - we all do wonderful and different things one with the other and all together! Leanne - see you soon. Nian, see you sooner...

Yes, life is about death and death is about life. And, it's all about grief. Love you both.


I always enjoy reading about Charlie and am so sad that I never got to meet him. (But, I do feel he was somewhat responsible for OUR meeting!)

Enjoy your time in Buffalo! I'll shout out to you when I'm in your state later this week...


And of course I don't believe in this stuff, right? But, Danny, I do feel he was somewhat responsible for OUR meeting too. More and more I feel that way - by the way.

Am so enjoying being in Buffalo. I wish I was seeing you in my new Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!


I didn't know that poem. One to commit to memory and think of often. Thank you.

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