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April 24, 2005



Great article. We should learn some lessons from the Resurrection plant. BTW, have you been to Longwood Gardens, in Philadelphia?

That shall be my first stop (or next stop after the Art Museum) when the semester is over.


I've always loved heather too, and I liked the image of the heather at the concentration camp. I haven't visited one yet myself but I've heard that it is a very moving experience.


Leanne, we could go together! It looks like a beautiful place. Semester is soon over.

franchini, yes. Visiting a place like that is important for all of us, I think. I have long wanted to visit the Gold Coast in Africa where slaves were collected before being sent out to the Americas.


I visited the island of Goree off the coast of Senegal where slaves were also collected. I was with some Latin Americans, for whom I had to translate the guide's French commentary. Very difficult in the circumstances, but also a focus which perhaps made the tour bearable! It's in my minds eye - heat, sand, dreadful low claustrophobic cells, despair, the beautiful view out to sea meaning something quite different from before we went in, frantically trying to recall the Spanish for leg-irons, gratitude that I met no Senengalese who was at all anti-European. Not something one ever forgets. I've never been, though, much nearer to home, to a concentration camp site in Germany or Poland.


PS um, I was going to keep this to myself, but it might make you laugh: it took me several minutes to work out that you could not possibly, in light of other information divulged in your blogs, ever have been married to Richard... (my brain is very tired at present).


That's funny. Even as well as I know you and your history, Tamar, from the way that sentence was phrased I also had a moment where I thought, "What? Richard Cohen is one of Tamar's ex-husbands??"


Yes, Jean - that's where I want to go. It is as important to me as visiting holocaust sites in Europe.

Jean and Danny, how funny, I guess it does sound like Richard was one of the husbands! Oh dear - hopefully he doesn't read it as that. I was referring to his post on "marriage past and present."

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Tamar was referring to another incarnation. The Central Asian steppe in the 1200s, wasn't it, dear?


I'm imagining the clothes we wore, back then ... dear ...

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