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April 15, 2005



I totally adore your hair! Mine is so straight that only my Chinese friends can empathise... like you, I have grown fond of it by now, though, it's part of me...


How odd! I never heard that term before! Today I've been getting tons of "Grace Kelly" hits but that's because Prince Rainier's funeral was held earlier. This morning I also got a search from a community college in Tucscon for "vaudeville menstrual actors during civil war." OY, obviously they meant "minstrel actors" but I sort of like the sound of that. Maybe it should be a new Oscar category. "And now for the best performance by a menstrual actor..."


Isro? I've heard of Jewfro, but not Isro.


Oh well, Danny, those "menstrual actors" will have me laughing all the way to the airport! How do you do that? "What?" you say. "Make me laugh from the depth of my diaphragm," I reply.

Yes indeed, Jean - acceptance, okay a sort of fondness, is where I have reached, finally, about my hair.


Hey, Nappy 40 was here as I was replying ... well, well ... I had never heard of either until Amba's comment. Interesting.


They're googling it because Jon Stewart said it on The Daily Show on Friday.


Oh Courtney - thanks so much because the "googling" about it doesn't stop! Fabulous!


yes, Jon Stewart and David Duchovny discussed "isro"s and Jon Stewart even said "someone right now is setting up"



Oh, what a riot! Well okay - thanks to Stewart and Duchovny, my popularity rose dramatically for a few days.

I *almost* became a "mega-blogger"! Woo-hoo.

... but not quite ...

adriana bliss

Ahhh...the hair topic - one of my favorite topics. I also have frizzy, curly hair that's been heavily gray since I was 32 or so. As I told Nappy40 once, hair such as this becomes a full-fledged character in life. Certainly it's because of the continued unpopularity of this kind of hair - we struggle to make it straight, to fit it in, through chemicals, curlers, irons, blow-dryers, etc., but it doesn't ultimately work, sort of like trying to fit the proverbial square peg into the round hole. We suffer with it. I've cut it recently (again) but due to my laziness, it will eventually grow into the same style I've had all my life. :)

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