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April 22, 2005



Yes. and she's right about your gift for giving tingly feelings...


Jean, thank you.


"We suffer, therefore we joke; we joke, therefore we are happy." I saw this when I was browsing a Chinese website, which I feel is like a gift in you that has reached out to me. I thank you for this generous gift, and also for the confidence many others have had from you too.


These are such important issues, Tamar. I remember a few times when he was younger, and I scolded my son, how ashamed he was, and how each time I had to learn all over again that his self-directed shame would totally eclipse anything that the scolding was meant to teach. He's very sensitive, and the only message he received was, "Avoid my scolding at all costs."

Great post!


What a lovely post, Tamar. Your blog is a safe place.


Yes, David, I have always thought that these are extremely important issues. Lately, since the brain research information, I am even more convinced. We are unable to erase our earliest emotional memories, and as an adult I affect children that way - deeply, forever. What an awesome responsibility.

Nappy 40 and Nian, thank you so much for your encouragement and kindness.

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