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April 08, 2005



Where I went from this story was to Ronnie's professional site - "so touching in its majesty" - what glory! Thank you for the link.


Fascinating story. And such a fascinating family seem you have Tamar.


Sorry about that messy grammar!

Adriana Bliss

It's my goal to put some of my journal writings and pictures and family stories in print, a scrapbook at least, or maybe I'll go to the expense of something more - but the busy-ness of life stops me. Time clicks by for sure and people will fade.


On the other hand, thanks for new technology, such as digital camera, scanner and, blogs that helps save our memories of those we love.


Thanks so much for sharing this painting with me - and, especially, your comments.


Thank you for these great links Tamar. I hadn't considered saving blog material for the future but it would save our descendants a lot of effort. My father is researching our family history at the moment and he's finding it really difficult because information is so difficult to come by, or threads he does have can't be continued.

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