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April 27, 2005



Good to see your poems posted! And you and I have the same hair! Only mine is darker. :-)

Barbara from California

I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog and the ways in which it seems to have empowered your thinking.

Continued good success.


Love that top photo of you—so full of emotion! And I enjoyed your rumination at the end of your post. My response is that I enjoy your writing whether you're feeling "in" or "out" of confidence so don't worry about your blog, but, and please don't take this the wrong way since I'm also talking about myself, I don't think that day of being 100% "in confidence" or devoid of all neuroses and pain is coming any time soon!

Ronni Bennett

When the time comes, Tamar - and you'll know when that is - you can just change the name of your blog...


What beautiful photos you have shown us. What beautiful writing you have shared of younger days. I am so impressed I'm wondering if you have a little of that 'out of confidence' to spread around! What I most love is not your Pre-Raphelite hair, your beautiful face, but your eyes, in all their fullness, openess, pain, joy, blessing, kindness, compassion, brilliance, and spiritual quietness...


Yeah, Danny, I think you're probably right about being devoid of neuroses or pain any time soon.

Ronni, I certainly like the idea that I will know it when the time comes and that I could, perhaps, change my paradigm through naming of the blog ...

Alicia, Barbara and Brenda, thanks so much for enjoying the photographs and "old" writings.


Beautiful words, beautiful glorious dramatic hair, pre-raphaelite, as someone else said - I love what you wrote then and what you write now, and selfishly hope you will want to carry on sharing it here for a while, at least.


Ah Jean, thanks so much for these very kind words. If you read the post I wrote today, I count you as one of my angels who came without even being summoned ...


If you change the name of your blog, then I'll have to change mine.

Adriana Bliss

Your writings are beautiful, Tamar, as are the pictures. I think what I love about these pieces you put up is the thread of "grasping the positive energy" in the face of difficult times. In each writing, while you describe struggle, you are still bringing out the light.

Now, I have to say, too, that if 100% IN confidence would bring about an end to the blog, then please, never gain the extra percentage. :)

As a note, writing has always accompanied my journeys.

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