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April 19, 2005



I clicked over here in my lunch hour and blushed when I read this. On my own in my office. Embarrassed (but in a good way) by what I saw on my computer screen! Gosh I'm deeply flattered that you like my writing, thank you.

Why we reach back so much to our past memories - well, the older we get the more of these we have. I guess that's one reason.

Why we blog about them a lot. I think I often blog about memories because there aren't the confidentiality issues that arise with current stories and people. And because no one has to read it if it bores them!

Mostly, in daily life, the memories are implicit rather than explicit. I don't think we reminisced about the past once during the lunch with old friends that I wrote about yesterday. But much of the meaning and depth of our shared present lies in our shared memories.

When I read Richard's piece about his favourite ages, I thought: it's about what was happening to him, not how old he was.

I agree, though (with Ronni) that there is a new discourse to be written and shared about getting older, as the prevalent one is inadequate and inaccurate.

And, no, I don't think thinking and talking about past indicates fear of the future. I usually think: well if I survived THAT...

As for being sure of who we are: impossible, probably not desirable...


Ah Jean - you see - more beautiful writing!


My Bloglines feed shut me out and won't let me back in, and no number of emails to Bloglines seems to help! I'm missing the nearly daily treats you offer! I'm so far behind, I guess I'll just have to rely on the old clicking by hand method to come by ... -:) lol xo


How lovely to have you stop by again.

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