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May 31, 2005



This is a staggering personal post. I feel almost voyuerestic (spelling?) reading it. But by sharing your insightful words I can feel the pain, puzzlement, wonder, intelligence, love, wisdom and humility that you, too, must have experienced during these 'critical moments'. I don't feel nearly experienced enough to be able to write anything of this calibre.


kimbofo says it better than I could. I feel changed from reading these; more connected than ever to this 6 billion strong shared venture of living. That there are those such as you living at this depth, this profundity, with this insight and loving compassion... makes it all even more worth while than it already it. Exceptional and inspiring! xo

the narrator

This is an extraordinary list. in the moments, and in the writing. Very excellent.


Kimbofo, Brenda and narrator:
Thank you so much. Am so pleased this was *good* reading. It was, indeed, difficult to write.


I printed this out to read in comfort and I'm still having thoughts and feelings about it. It's very interesting and moving to know such deep things from your life experience, and leads to much deep pondering about one's own...


Jean - it was quite difficult for me to write but a release to put it all out there.

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