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May 04, 2005



Oh, Tom is right! How shrewd. Happy Birthday Tom. And pod goddess has a ring to it... perhaps this needs adding to your 'one-line bio'...


Pod Goddess! How cute! :-) And I feel very flattered to be considered a 'pod-mate'...thanks!



Just want to tell you that I got the tickets too! The exhibition will extend until May 30th instead of May 15th. I got the tickets the first day they announced the extension. Woohoo! So my lucky mom and I will go to see Dali on May 18th. Isn't that wonderful?!!

Happy Birthday to your best friend/life partner and my best advisor!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM! No fair, I wanna see the Salvidor Dali exhibit! Maybe I'll have to rent Hitchcock's "Spellbound" so I can at least watch Dali's weird dream sequence with Ingrid Bergman...


Tom is having a great day. I am thrilled because today he *has* to read my blog to find out what you are all saying to him! The last I heard he was running between meetings but enjoying your comments. So thanks, everyone.

Leanne, see you on Mother's Day - we have a date!

I love how Amba called me, "poddess."

Jean, thanks for the tip - check out my about page!

Danny, I can't wait to read about you, Hitchcock, Bergman and Dali.

Alicia, I don't know about "cute" but, gee, I'm so honored to have been given that name and to have "pod-mates" like yourself!



I was going to greet you on this holiday of yours-because of this day, you have your life partner and best friend; isn't it your great holiday? So I crept in to see how you're doing today. Wow! Here's the proudly smiling face of his!

I know right now, another proudly smiling face is reading this, sweet in her heart. :)

Happy Birthday Dr. Jacobson, and Happy Holidy Tamar!


Hello there Nian, gentle friend! I am Dr. Jacobson too - remember?
Thanks so much for such kind and joyful wishes.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Happy birthday, Dr. Jacobson! And happy unbirthday, other Dr. Jacobson! Such a beauty couple, I could kvell.



I love the way Richard says "the other bloggers in my pod" as if we'd been saying this for years, and that's just what it's called!


Tam's lovely podmates, visitors and friends:

Thank you kindly for the best wishes. Can't have too many of those. Actually, I feel I know many of you, since I learn byways of blog postings hereabouts most every morning from you-can-guess-who. (THAT's how I keep up, Tam. Smiley.)

If you haven't yet, do see Amba's poetic reflections on pods, i.e. partly the term, but even more so, the phenom. And Danny, I do remember being spellbound by Spellbound, the master's tension as well as Dali's surrealism. Trivia learned during the beautifully planned Dali/birthday evening my wife gave me last night: Dali painted five full canvases, and over one hundred drawings for the film. Cheers everybody.

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