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May 13, 2005



The good news is that most of these are very possible—do they all represent things you really WANT to do (I'm thinking of the straight blond hair and I can't imagine that!)? And I'm guessing that the relationships you have with younger women will feed the mother-daughter longing, no? I'm hoping there will never be a need for #7 and perhaps you won't have to deal with #10 anymore since you seem to understand what you do to yourself in that relationship!

But I challenge you to knock off #8 this weekend. Why don't you get Nappy40's recipe for duck and do it up right! (Yum, then invite me for dinner...)

P.S. I still can't believe that Ann Althouse has NEVER eaten egg salad or a hard-boiled egg!


Okay Nappy40 - you heard the man! That's a great challenge for me this weekend. I need the recipe again and I remember Richard's advice to pierce the skin, no?

Danny, hopefully I'll get to #3 this summer. You are right about #10. However, I have at one time or another longed for #9 ... am pretty sure I'll never ever ski and am almost sure I won't be doing any white water rafting anytime soon ... and, yes I know, isn't it amazing to think Ann Althouse has never eaten egg salad or a hard-boiled egg?


Tamar, do you want me to post the entire thing on my blog, yours, or email you?

Voice Within

We definitely need to fulfill our Dream 3. So we will go to Taiwan in July. What are we waiting for?


Nappy40: Thanks for the recipe! I think I will give it a try this weekend. That's what happens when Danny challenges me! And challenge it is because am not fond of cooking. Wish me luck!

Aha, Voice Within: I know who you are ... so, you caught the bait I see!


White-water rafting is great fun.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Tamar, you're undoubtedly getting more comments per reader than Ann is. Comme ci!


Ooh, Purple Kangaroo - am really scared of it though ...

Hmm, Richard, when you put it like that ... but who's counting, eh?


I'm absolutely with you on all except 4 and 6. I have tow daughters and I am an experienced skier. Everything else though....just wait for me and I'll do all of these things too. Especially India. And dyeing my hair blonde one of these days.


Tamar, there are 7 or 8 different levels of rapids . . . start out with a nice easy one like class 1 (slower water, no bumps) and you'll probably love it . . . like inner-tubing down a rather gentle creek. You can, of course, build up from there. :)

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