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May 16, 2005



I read through the last six or seven posts on your blog today, and although I didn't have anything specific to add to any one, I just wanted to say I'm really enjoying your blog as it's growing. I'm looking forward to reading more, and as always, thanks for stopping by Fly Ash and reading and commenting. I really appreciate it.


Matt, thanks so much for your encouragement! I love stopping by Dancing on Fly Ash and reading your posts as well as Josh's. I think perhaps soon it is time for me to try out one of those 100 word pieces again that I did for awhile a few months ago!


Good luck on the duck!


Nappy40 - the actual duck cooking will be today! The sauce was made yesterday - so far so good...will definitely keep you posted!

Richard Lawrence Cohen

I've been sensing a kind of lull in the blogosphere as a whole, including myself. (Don't tell anyone.) Like one of those sudden pauses at a cocktail party where everyone goes quiet for five seconds.


Yes...isn't it strange? ... but I, for one, will be back soon ...


We're all on the same wavelength. I'm still somewhat depressed about The Cube. I fear it means I'm selfish and self absorbed. Oh well, I'll blog more about myself later.


Oh - tell me about it! When I did the cube I realized that I am forever waiting for impending doom! I even buried my child under the sandstorm with me! I did like the image of my lover though - a wild, black stallion galloping free.

My excuse is the duck - I'll be blogging next about how hard it is for me to cook. There's a whole wonderful post there! I am doing everything the recipe tells me and am having fun. Thanks to you, Nappy40!!

I'll be back soon ...


Nappy40, I'm confronting the same feelings as you about the Cube. I think I'm going to have to buy the book. Hopefully it's really more subtle than my cube being enormous and central meaning I'm enormously self-centred...


I sure hope so Jean! What is the name of the book?

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