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May 11, 2005



I just noticed no one has commented. Not because positive stuff is less interesting, I think. But maybe it inspires a contented sigh rather than words.

They'll never get me to use the self-service check-out - I'm not going to interact with an automatic voice. It's freaky and horrible. I'm resisting. (famous last words)


Yes, that's how the post felt for me - a contented sigh. I feel as if a period of intense emotional struggle is coming to an end.

I did notice this morning that no one had commented and thought that perhaps it was too mundane. Which is fine!

By the way the self-service check-out is tons of fun! But only if one has time to spare ... and only if it's once in awhile.

Thanks for stopping by.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Feel good about the traffic jam while you still can, Tamar.

But seriously, a lovely post, as usual. It's good to see you feeling good.


The peaceful image of you sitting in the sun is delightful, especially when compared with a traffic jam and the bustle of work. I've been working for 3 weeks now and I am beginning to appreciate the quiet times again.

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