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May 07, 2005



Hi Tamar,

You know what I was looking for in the picture?

I was trying hard to figure out which corner it is in your apartment? And I found out that it is where we had the Habermas cookies. Right? Clues of the hilarious night!

Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day.

I'm sure your day was much brighter after that lovely bouquet of flowers and especially that it was from your son.


Thanks Nian and Ella for these good wishes.

Ella, yes! The flowers surely made this person feel loved - and especially the surprise at finding them!

Nian, yes you are right about where the flowers were placed. Thanks for the Habermas cookies memory! (and the card...)When are you coming to Philadelphia?

Hmm I wonder - shouldn't there be a mother's day cake on mother's day?

the narrator

Happy Mom's Day, what a great gift to wake to...

That's why I created the blogspot site, because of the closed nature of xanga, though I like that "building community" in xanga seems easier. (I'm just sometimes a little behind in duping stuff)

Anyway, thanks for you comments. Why do I listen? Because I still read at more or less a third grade level without the technology. No, not quite true, but it can take me 20 minutes a page easily in a typical fiction book, and it's so slow that I forget what I'm reading about. So Books-on-Tape and computer reading... well, they're pretty important to me.


narrator: Thanks for stopping by and answering my question - and also for the good wishes!

I really enjoyed reading your post and "meme" on the xanga site.

I am curious about this "slow reading" thing you mention because your writing is prolific! Intriguing.


Habermas cookies?!


Jean, Tom is an expert on Habermas. When Nian and Leanne (his graduate students) came by to help us in our move, I offered some cookies that had been sent to us by Tom's mother for Christmas. I couldn't remember the name of them so, in our moving delirium, we called them "Habermas Cookies."

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