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May 28, 2005


the narrator

I've yet to meet a fellow blogger in person, though through my xanga site (the same content - they're "mirrors") I've developed some truly close friendships. It's made all the more powerful because I do not think that there is even one person who actually "knows" me who reads what I write on-line. It's an oddly split world.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Can I be the treasurer for that fund?

Adriana Bliss

I've met online friends in person and it really is a fascinating experience. Unless there's intentional deception, people are suprisingly honest online - their self shines through and each person I met was as I expected, plus.

Your trip sounds enlightening!

Ronni Bennett

It was a joy to spend an afternoon with you in person, Tamar. I hope we will do more of that.

Meanwhile, as I am going through my daily ups and downs about leaving New York City soon, I can't let Shimon mislead you about two of the great landmarks of MY city: the lions at the library.

They have no official names, but they have been commonly known for many decades as Patience and Fortitude.


Oh wow. I recognised the pavement design in your photos as that of the pavement surrounding the NYC public library and neighbouring Bryant Park! I was there last month for the first time and immediately fell in love with Manhattan. Glad you have a
had a nice time.

Frank Paynter

I think the friendships we build online are reason enough to pursue this new form.


Frank: Yes, I agree. I am intrigued about how we build them because, for some of us, we share such personal and important information about ourselves.

kimbofo: Manhattan is like no other. I love the city too. Am amazed you recognize anything in these photos - am not as good with the camera as so many of you!

Ronni: thanks so much for the "correct" names of those gorgeous lions. I was tempted to sit on top of one of them while waiting for Shimon! I hope you and I will do - "more of that" - too.

Adriana: indeed, it is the honesty that I love about blog-friendships - and what intrigues me about it at the same time.

Richard: YES! Definitely.

the narrator: it does become a *split* world in a way. I do have a few non-blogger friends who read me but not with the same interest as one of you. And of course not with the same "commitment." I once wrote about that - a blog becomes a commitment - it has to be nurtured, groomed and cared for!


This entire thread strikes me as being VERY important! But in a way I cannot yet define. I must get back to my place, ponder, and perhaps key a few of my thoughts on the subject, assuming, of course, that my thinking makes some kind of sense. And yet, that requirement has never stopped me before!


I can't wait to see what you say, Winston.

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