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June 28, 2005



Wow. Once you live there, you always live there, in some sense, isn't that so?


That's fantastic.


That's got to be some sort of record for rapid (re)immersion, I think. But, good for you!


Tamar ~ your vitality and heart inspire me each day. You are a beautiful soul!


How amazing that you can represent your belief in what's the best future with the ease of a ribbon, and that you got one and tied it to your bag... nothing but admiration for you here!

Adriana Bliss

What a wonderful show of love for your home, Tamar.


Dear friends,
I welcome your comments and visiting my site all this while! So difficult to get a chunk of time to write and have so much to report!

Can't wait to be home and write, write, write!

Soon... a bientot!


Have a wonderful time.


Will be checking each day for more from the Promised Land, have a good journey

Shabbat Shalom

Richard Lawrence Cohen

What's your impression of the relative percentages of the two different ribbons?

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