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June 22, 2005



Of course we'll miss you! That beach looks most inviting, though... Enjoy your trip! And come back renewed with lots of blog material... *hugs


I'll miss you :) Have a grand time ~ lots of fun and laughter!


Have a wonderful trip, Tamar, and take good care of yourself! I wondered why you'd disappeared behind quotations and am sorry to hear the reason. Hope your case of Lyme Disease proves to be not too serious and quickly responsive to treatment.

Frank Paynter

Bon voyage! Take care of yourself. Soak in the sea. Enjoy reconnecting with all the people you'll see. We'll miss you here.


Thanks so very much, everyone, for these good wishes. I take you all with me...
Am on my way...

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Get well soon, and have fun on your vacation!


Have a safe trip and a fantastic time!


Have a nice trip. Take care and bring back memories to your blog please.


Where is your beach?

My aunt had Lyme disease and it was pretty awful, I am so sorry, hoefully they know better now how to treat it...

I put up a deer fence around my property (or at least the part I look at every day) because I couldn't stand watching them munch the flowers and shrubs... I have to get out of the car and open the gate to drive out every day but it's totally worth it!


Travel safely and take care of yourself!! The antibiotics may make you feel goofy for a couple of days but then you'll get used to them. I think I may have had early Lyme disease (was bitten by a tick, forgot about it, two weeks later got a sudden bad stiff neck, remembered the tick, wasn't tested but took the antibiotics). Hope yours is easily knocked out in time to give you energy for your journey.

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