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June 17, 2005



Thank you!!!! I had a dreadful migraine last night and I'm feeling more like 101, but these things go as quickly as they come and I plan to celebrate tomorrow, with lunch by the river and a visit to the Frida Kahlo exhibition.


Feel well, Jean. I envy you the Kahlo exhibit. I love her work, life, and her pain - deeply.
Happy Birthday, sister blogger!


Coincidentally, my sister's birthday was June 16th - an unpredictable, edgy Gemini to my lazy roaring Leo. Sometimes it's fine, and other times it's stress. But we do love each other, regardless.

Happy birthday Tamar and many many more. I'm going over to Jean's blog now.


Ah, Natalie - a roaring Leo! Will you one day sketch that or have you done so already, I wonder?

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