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June 19, 2005



Very sporty and stylish :).


Wanna run a race with me?


Yeah, Ella, yeah!

Well, Leanne, I think after the Middle East and Taiwan trips we will ride *together* "through the streets of Philadelphia."


Great! Tamar, I actually got my first bike last year. My own bike that I don't have to share with anyone. My own bike that didn't belong to someone else first.


It's amazing about bikes, Nappy40. My bike(S) story is a truly long one. But the joy about this one is that it resolves a lot of old emotional issues that I might blog about one day!


Wish I could ride a bike & feel safe... I saw a terrible bike accident once, & just can't. Now bicycle paths, that would be a lot of fun! Enjoy the freedom of movement and exercise! *hugs


I know how you feel, Brenda. A friend of mine was in a horrible horrible bike accident. Got swiped by a car and was thrown several feet. He had on a helmet but...oh let's not get into it. He's fine now. But when it happened I couldn't even look at him. I felt shaky just thinking about the pain he was in.


How terrible and frightening to witness bicycle accidents like that. I wear my helmet and stick to paths when there are some. Thanks for the good wishes, Brenda!

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