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July 26, 2005



I keep hearing about this woman. And then I feel physically sick when I get to the part about her six-figure book deal. To counter my jealousy I have to then make myself feel superior by thinking that I could never write or read a blog like that. And then of course I have to judge myself for putting her down.

What I DO know is that the only way I am able to continue writing in my blog is to just write about stuff that I'm interested in and that it would be the kiss of death for me if I ever tried to appeal to a wider audience by writing about topics that I "think" they'd be interested in. I'm not saying Stephanie Klein does that—obviously something about this woman's writing appeals to a huge number of people. My sister reads this blog called "Chez Miscarriage" written by a woman who has been to hell and back trying to conceive a child and finally went the surrogate route. Her baby was born this past weekend and my sister is freaking out because the last post mentioned that there's some kind of health problem. When this woman posts, it's not unusual for her to get well over 100 comments within the hour. Truly amazing! As much as I crave comments on my site, that many would scare me. I'm happy with my much smaller corner of the blogosphere and love the communication we all have with each other. (Now I just have to work on my embarrassing tendency to write comments that are longer than the original post!)

P.S. Be careful what you promise, Tamar. I want to be part of that world tour and 12-course tasting menu!


This comment is great, Danny. Very informative as well as your usual humor. And, yes of course you would be amongst those coming with me on my world tour, no question about it.


Taking a break from preparing for a class I'm teaching tonight and praying for a young woman from our church about to give premature birth to her baby boy, I took a look again at your site and this post, Tamar.

Like Danny, I'm baffled by the apparent connection this woman's blog makes with people...and the six-figure advance she's connected with, too. I have to confess that there's a not-so-subtle jealousy aroused by this as well. (Not about the money so much; about the affirmation of the value of her writing.)

I was once at the concert of a really good band. The setting was outdoors and it was a rainy night. The conditions chased away the main part of the audience and only a handful of us remained. What struck me was that the band forged ahead, obviously performing the same show they would have performed had hundreds and hundreds more been present. Later on, I sent an email to one of the band members commending him and his mates for their dedication. He wrote back simply, "A long time ago, we decided to put our all into every show, no matter how many people were there to hear us." I try to take the same attitude with my blog.

I like that you do that as well, Tamar.


Mark, this is a great story. Yes, I think I have that feeling about most things in life. In fact, I might blog about that one of these days.

I hope the baby boy has arrived and all is well. Thank you for sharing that with us.


Just so everyone knows, the little boy--very little--was born yesterday afternoon shortly after I left my comment. He was just 3-lbs., 13-oz.

But he was only 2-lbs., 3-oz. when his mother first went to the hospital with contractions three weeks ago. Since then, Benjamin--that's his name--has not only gained weight, but had three weeks to develop. Even at 29-weeks along in a pregnancy, there is now a 90% survival rate for preemies. Those three extra weeks were huge for Benjamin.

He also was given steroids to aid in the development of his lungs while still in his mother's womb. Today, he is breathing on his own.

I'm very encouraged.

This exhibits one of the benefits of being a pastor, by the way. I've been the pastor of Baby Benjamin's father since he was fourteen. He's now twenty-nine. Two years ago, I presided at his marriage to a wonderful young woman. Less than two weeks ago, I also presided at the wedding of his little sister, now aged 26.

I feel honored to be a part of people's lives, to pray with them, to laugh with them and to cry with them, and, when I haven't a notion of what to say, to simply be with them, trusting that God is going to make the best of my being there in His Name.

I've been a pastor for twenty-one years, in two different parishes, the first for six years and this one, which my family and I were called to start, for fifteen years. Other than preaching, which, as you can probably tell, I adore, being with people is the very best part of this job.

Thank you for asking about Benjamin and your well-wishes, Tamar.

I look forward to that post on doing your best, irrespective of the numbers of people who will notice. That would be a good lesson for us all!

adriana bliss

Mark, I'll be sending my positive energy waves to dear little Benjamin!

Tamar, I'm with Mark and Danny, sharing that itch of envy over the young lady's blog. I dream of one day being able to support myself with my writing. At the same time, though, I know that sex sells. Combine that with an author who looks like a model...and well...

Six figures, eh?

I'm having second thoughts as I write this...yes, yes, that's it, I'm going to talk about sex! A few racy words, a picture or two of the many extramarital lovers I plan on having for the sake of the blog (because *snore* within marriage is so very boring as far as selling books)...the trials and tribulations of having sex so children in the next room can't hear...I'm going to be famous!

And don't worry, like you Tamar, I'll definitely be sharing the wealth. If my husband lets me. :)


Welcome Benjamin! It sounds like you are as happy and proud as the parents, Mark! How fortunate your congregation are to have you as their Pastor.

Thanks for your encouragement - the idea is "incubating."


Hey Adriana, we were commenting at the same time! What can I say? I can't wait to see your future postings on Bliss and the Color Pink. Keep us posted.

adriana bliss

LOL Tamar, I was only kidding! Trying to determine why such a blog would draw so much attention. I have noticed a trend amongst blogs - there really is a line of distinction. In one group you have blogs like the ones you link to, like Richard's, Mark's and Danny's. Mine. Blogs about life, daily self-reflection, reflection about the things we surround ourselves with. There's another set of blogs that come from the 20-30 age group. They talk A lot. They get a lot of comments. A lot of admirers.

My blog...will never be that. It's just not me. The closest I could ever see is something akin to your post about sexuality and how important it is to one's self-image.


Adriana, I was only kidding too. I love your blog!


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