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July 29, 2005



Tamar!!! Do you realize that the shoebox with the rescued dolls is an early image of the orphanage???

How coherent a life is -- like a piece of music!!

Thank you. I also deeply love your answer about the "road not taken." I had thought when I asked the question that that was one of the possible answers. It's a good topic for Ronni when she comes back -- how growing older at its best is outgrowing regret.


Amba, I just got goose bumps from your comment and many tears sprung to my eyes. Yes - the shoebox with rescued dolls is the orphanage. How wonderful. Thank you so much for that.

And for the interview and for your comment.


Wow, such fascinating questions and answers! I love this game! I'm sitting outside right now at L.A.'s old Farmers Market where I come every day to work on manuscripts and I'm looking around at the dozens of people I see here all the time. I want to go up to half of them and give them five questions to answer and then get five questions from the other half. But I won't, of course, because they'd think I was a psychopath. Why do I feel such intimacy with the people in my online life but I can barely make eye contact with strangers in my physical space?

Ah well—meet you on Boulevard St. Germain for a couple of mille feuilles??


And, I love the thought that you were blogging as a child before there were blogs. "Born to Blog" . . .


Ah, Danny - you're on! Boulevard St. Germain and those mille feuilles! YES! Just name the day and time.

Hmm, Amba, I like the idea that I was "born to blog." Yes indeed.


Can I join that meeting on the Boulevard St Germain? But I'll have a croissant instead of the mille feuilles. Or maybe a croque monsieur. Anyway, when do we do it? Tamar, I love this interview and identify with much that is in your answers.
Now Tamar...erm... can I ask you to interview me? Is this the right way to ask? Do I understand the rules?


Of course you may join the meeting at Boulevard St Germain. But are you sure you won't have any mille feuilles?

As for the interview - how grand! I will contact you via e-mail with 5 questions within the next day. Hurrah!


Natalie, For some reason my e-mail provider is not allowing me to reply to your e-mail address. Therefore I will post these questions here and on your blog site.

Here is the content of my e-mail to you:

Hi Natalie,

I am honored that you would like me to interview you! As Amba said to me I feel it with you too: "Your blog's honesty sets an awfully high standard for this assignment."

But anyway ... Here are the questions:

1. Describe one (or more) thing that you would really like to see/do/get done/experience before you die.

2. Who were/are some of your emotional and/or spiritual influences? Tell us about as many as you need to name/describe.

3. Share how you learned about your gender identity. What are your earliest memories? What was fun or painful as you learned about these aspects of your identity?

4. How did you first become interested in blogging? Has it met your expectations or how does it meet your needs lately?

5. What are some of your favorite sayings?


Tough questions, Tamar, but OK, you're on. I need a little time to mull this over. Thank you.


Take all the time in the world, Natalie.

These are not tough enough for you! I am so looking forward to your answers.

Am wondering if you will illustrate some of them ... just wondering ... and ... perhaps ... hoping?

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