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July 21, 2005


Ronni Bennett

I was with my mother when she took her last breath and I have to this day - 13 years later - still not understood why it felt like a privilege to be there.

Death is the last great adventure (that we know of), as momentous as birth and even when we are there for either one, we cannot know the person's experience.

The two great mysteries...

My thoughts are with you, Tamar.

Gemma Grace

Tamar, on this day, I sing you a prayer of quiet beauty. Blessings of comfort and peace.

*May the blessings of Love rest upon you. May Love's peace abide within. May Love's presence illuminate your life, now and forever more.*


Wow. Thank you, Tamar, for sharing with us.


Oh dearest Tamar! My thoughts go out to you, my deepest condolences to your Mar-Mar's loved ones. I feel the ache as if it were my own.


I think that is what is so humbling and awesome at the same time: being with someone, sharing the experience of death and, at the same time, not being able to know what that experience is. Thank you for this.

Adriana, Gemma, Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

Julie, I was unable *not* to share this with you. Some of you have been following my journey with Mar-Mar since I started blogging. And it was a good feeling to be able to write it down right here. Thank you.


Tamar, I don't know what to say. I'm just seeing you crying by the window and putting my arms around the image of you.


So glad you were able to be there, Tamar. And I'm sure it meant so much to your friend.

the narrator

I can only hope to imagine to fall out of this world surrounded by people who really care.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

A hug to you, Tamar.


It has all been said so eloquently by others...
Thank you, Tamar!

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