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July 18, 2005


Mark Daniels

Although there may be really good reasons for you to close up shop on your blog, I selfishly hope that you won't. I enjoy it very much.

But of course, you must do what is right for you.



Why, why, why, Tamar? Too busy with new job and upcoming BOOK PROPOSAL? I hope you can find a way to do all three!

Winston Rand

No! Don't you dare! You are too important to all of us to just quit. And from reading your works, I believe we as a community, and some as individuals, are equally important to you. There was a cold vacuum while you were away in Israel. Take a sabatical if you need it. Rest, relax, focus on something different for a while, then come on back, fresh and refreshed.


Ooh, I would miss you so much!

It IS hard, and often feels ridiculous, to keep a blog when working full-time - never mind if it's a new job, never mind writing a book as well - so I quite understand how you must be feeling. Yesterday I worked in the office until after 8 pm, then spent another hour faffing with the pictures for my blog - no doubt taking so long about it because I was so tired.
Got home exhausted and thought, this is really crazy! But somehow I keep on doing it and mostly feeling good about it.

In fact my - very serious at the time - toying with stopping, just gave me new impetus. I can only hope, selfishly, that the same will go for you. If it doesn't, I do very much hope to keep in touch - I'm so happy to have met you through your blog.


I appreciate all your comments very much while I am thinking about this. It certainly helps me think what I have to say is shared or important to others even as I feel it is so full of my "self" in a navel-gazing way.

Thank you.

And now back to the "thinking board" ... !

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