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July 19, 2005


Ronni Bennett

E.M. Forster said, "How do I know what I think until I see what I say?"

For me, that is what my private writing has always been - a way to figure out what I think or believe.

Before blogging, I kept hand-written journals, then a computer journal and like my blog, they were not as much about daily life as about issues, using my own experiences, reading, conversations with others, etc. to help figure them out.

I'm not so introspective as you, Tamar (we each do these things in our own way), but perhaps we are alike in that seeing our thoughts on the page helps clarify what we believe. For me, the need for clarity in a fuzzy world drives my writing, which reflects my thoughts and - wow, sometimes in all the writing, I begin to make sense of this or that for myself.

What's different about blogging (from private journals) is that others respond - they agree, disagree, argue, expand, throw another point of view out there and there is great value in that, privately and for all of us.

And in all this figuring out life, let's not forget our egos - if you're going to publish it out there where anyone in the world can read it, pride requires a semblance of sense, organization, thoughtfulness and reasonably good writing. That certainly improves one's thinking.

We give and we gain here in the blogosphere and it is valuable, as you and your blog are.

Perhaps, when you're back at work, you won't be able to blog as frequently. That's okay. But yours is a voice I think many of us would prefer not to lose.

Richard Lawrence Cohen

Ronni says it perfectly. I second her comment.

Gemma Grace

And that goes for me too!


"Sing again, with your dear voice revealing a tone of some world far from ours, where music and moonlight and feeling are one." -- Percy Bysshe Shelley


Words fail me. Thank you all so much for your appreciation and support as I struggle with this. It feels good to keep on blogging when I know that my voice might be valuable for some. I shall find a way to make it all work...


From the spike in hits from Australia, you may have noticed that I'm back here again. I add my voice to those encouraging you to continue blogging and not only because of the "kesher mishpachti"! The others have expressed exactly why we think you should keep at it.


Fay, How wonderful to hear from you. I'll check out my "stats" to find you again. Thanks for your encouragement. Lots of love. I hope you weren't too sad leaving Ha'Aretz. I was!


I've been blogging for just over a year, and hit lots of crisis points, written everything I had saved up all those years, and then discovered a new world of writing... finally coming to the same point, there really is no one or ultimate reason to blog. I simply enjoy writing, sharing writing, reading other writers, commenting, being part of an on-line community of writers... And it may be no more than this: the process itself. And I've grown as a writer and artist, too, with the support and feedback, and am amazed at the journey I've started on, and don't know where it's going...

Tamar, sometimes we need small breaks, but not blogging would be like damming up a river that's widening and flowing, having already sprung, deep in the wilderness of our souls, pure and fresh...

*hugs xo


Brenda, How beautifully put. I wonder what I would do without blogging. Tonight at dinner, talking with friends about blogging and the community of bloggers I found that I was not only proud of us all but also thankful to be a participant in this - our own dear blogosphere.

And so, I am thinking I will just have to find a way to keep on blogging... don't want to lose this community...not now - not yet!


Adding my voice to the chorus, the choir. Each uniquely individual voice matters and is needed. I hope you don't decide to opt out, but if you need a breathing space, take it and don't worry. We'll wait.

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