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August 24, 2005



Rather a nice thing, I think, to have a whole alternative blog-world on the side to slip into when life is busy and stressful and you need to briefly retreat from it. I hope you'll find time to do this every now and then.

The photo of Mar-Mar makes my heart ache - she looks so very solidly and warmly alive. We're all so fragile - I keep thinking this over and over again this week, not knowing whether my dear 'boss' is going to live.


Dear Jean,
My thoughts are with you as you go through this. It is, indeed, so sad to have to part from these people we love. But our ability to share in this, their last journey, can be so enriching.

Life just never feels the same again. Fuller and more wonderful and it becomes really important to make every moment (even the sad and difficult ones) meaningful.


Tamar, the pictures say so much. Thanks for this look into your world.
Jean, I too am sending you warm and solid support at this time.


Yes, we are still here, and we will be here when you can slip back in as if you had never left. Then we can ask you, "How are you doing...really?"


I was just noticing your writing has almost a poetic feel to it.


Hello again and welcome back, Purple Kangaroo!

Natalie, Good to have you looking into my world with me!

Winston, Thanks for being there ... here ... every ... where ...

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