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August 19, 2005



I think what this discussion has reinforced for me is the fact that life is complex, and which is why I thought Chaim Yavin's documentary was so well done.

For we have seen with these events how gentle and compassionate an army can be. It can be done. We all see the tragedy for children who have no choice as they learn from horrific life experiences and the adults who teach them right from wrong.

All of a sudden "good guys" become "bad guys" and vice versa. Boundaries become blurry and we are confused. People we were taught to hate, now we are told to love.

How then, can one man (and, sadly, it usually is a man)tell us who is evil and who not? Who are sinners and who not? And we follow blindly without constantly asking difficult and uncomfortable questions over and over again?

When we declare something is an "Axis of Evil" first we wipe out millions of individual people (and, by the way, children are included in that definition) in our minds, and then allow ourselves the phyiscal act killing of them.

Mostly, I am so pleased that some of you have felt safe enough to comment here and share the complexity of it with all of us.

Thanks so much to Huw, Mark, Jean, Adriana, Ainelivia, and Sue for joining with me on this journey. For even as I live far away, I hold Israel close to my heart and my thoughts are there, lately, so much.


Tamar, all I can do is to nod my head vigorously in agreement with everything you wrote in these comments.

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